XPRIZE Carbon Removal: BioCORE Wins $250,000 from Musk Foundation

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We’re happy to announce that our team is among the 23 XPRIZE Carbon Removal Student Award winners! As one of the two winning teams from the European Union, we are pleased that the jury shares our vision of the future of biogas as the key to a 100% renewable, 100% reliable and climate positive energy system.

What is it about?

The XPRIZE Carbon Removal Challenge, funded by the Musk Foundation, is aimed at fighting global warming through carbon removal from the atmosphere. Out of the $100M prize, $5M have been awarded to 23 student-led teams for their carbon-removal and monitoring projects. This student award shall enable them to participate in the main challenge: Build a carbon removal solution in the 1000 t/year scale, and present a pathway towards mega and giga tonne removal. This main challenge is open until Earth Day 2025.

What we’ll do:

With the $250,000 student team grant, we will upgrade our 10-kW BioCORE prototype and perform three months of continuous operation at a biogas plant. During this time, we will use 6000 Nm³ of biogas to produce more than 10 tons of pure, liquid and biogenic CO2 ready for transport and long-term underground storage. For this purpose, we will add a CO2 liquefaction unit and storage tanks to the existing BioCORE prototype. This will allow us to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the entire capture process and evaluate the impact of liquefaction on the overall process. In addition, we will also perform intermediate switching to electrolysis to produce green hydrogen from excess wind and photovoltaics.

For the final competition, we will install 500 kW BioCORE units at a biogas site. This system will also produce liquid CO2 in excess of 1,000 kt/year for long-term, secure storage. We’re very excited about this, and will keep you updated!

For more information read the original press release.

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