The unique Potential of our Technology

Converting the EU biogas to BioCORE

Biogas is ready to make a significant, sustainable contribution to the EU Green Deal: around 19,000 installed plants have an electrical capacity of 11.1 GW. However, with current technology based on combustion engines, they cover only 2.3% of the total power demand. With BioCORE, our mission is to unlock the true full potential of this valuable resource and pave the way for a 100% renewable, decarbonized future. Rolling out our technology across Europe would lead to:

energy transition people demonstrate stop coal power
- 0 MT/a

CO2 reduction

Cutting 10% of all European emissions as the first economic carbon removal technology to tackle global warming and achieve the 1.5° mitigation targets

> 0 M

Powering Households

Doubling electricity production from weather-independent, highly reliable and flexibly available bioenergy through revolutionary electrical efficiencies

+ 0 TWh

Generate Green H2

Providing missing balancing power to fluctuating wind or photovoltaics, stabilizing the future grids and enabling long-term seasonal energy storage

What We Build

The technology driving new opportunities for multiple key segments

biogas manure treatment avoid methane emissions energy

Cattle & Dairy

Slush methane emissions and enable a circular economy with modern manure treatment

waste landfill treatment circular economy energy

Waste & Landfills

Convert organic waste to electricity at highest possible efficiency without combustion

efficiency flexibility decentralized power generation energy

Retrofit & Upgrade

Double power generation and boost flexibility through reversible operating modes

green hydrogen energy storage sustainable

Hydrogen & Others

Increase grid stability and energy supply security by generating green hydrogen or biomethane

Milestones & achievements

Ready for Scale-Up

As spin-off from the TU Munich, we’re a highly tech-driven climate startup building a greener future, creating real impact and tackling two of the greatest unsolved problems of mankind – satisfying the worlds hunger for truly sustainable energy & cleaning up our athmosphere with gigatons carbon removal.

We successfully delivered the Proof of Concept by building, commissioning and validating a pre-commercial scale 10kW prototype under real operating conditions. Having reached TRL 6, our technology is now ready for upscaling.

The innovative power plant concept marks a new era of highly flexible and most efficient decentralized energy supply
biogas energy scientific advisor prof. spliethoff innovation technology
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Spliethoff
Scientific Advisor


Containerized standard 100kW unit, easily scalable in plant size and ready for mass manufacturing

Maximum Flexibility

Reversible plant operation providing missing balancing power with switching times less than 1 minute

Revolutionary Efficiency

Up to 80% for both power generation and energy storage, satisfying customer needs

Climate Positive

First system to replace coal power, supply hydrogen economy and enable large-scale carbon capture

All-in-One solution

Something the Planet needs